Denis Crean

Special Olympics Swimming

Served as envoy

  • 2013  –  Egypt

Denis is an active marathon open water swimmer and the founder and CEO of WaveOne Swimming, an internationally recognized open water swimming organization. Denis organizes races, swim clinics, and events and develops swim programs for teams and organizations worldwide. Denis is a USA Swimming and USMS certified Coach. His 25 years of pool and open water training and racing give him the experience and expertise to cover a broad range of swim topics, including the fundamentals of swimming; stroke technique and proper body positioning; advanced pace/interval/distance training; and open water race preparation, safety, and strategy techniques.

Denis is an avid open water swimmer and competitor, with an accomplished race record of over 250 racing miles including:
• 1st place: Tampa Bay 24-mile Marathon Swim (2004);
• 2nd place (male), 3rd place (overall): 28.5 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (2006);
• 2nd place (male), 4th place (overall): 41k Lake George Marathon Swim (2007);
• 1st place (age group), 5th place (overall): 5.85 mile Little Red Lighthouse Swim (2009);
• 5th overall Swim Around Governors Island (2012);
• 1st place (age group) Frogman 5K (2013)
2013 highlights:
• Handpicked to participate as a coach in USA Swimming’s National Team open water training camp.
• Creator of the Inaugural Aloha Splash Pool Open Water Race on April 6, 2013