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Sports Envoy Program: What you need to know.


Program Values

  • Lead by example

    Amplify lessons learned on the playing field such as teamwork, leadership, resilience, and hard work, to equip young athletes with the tools to become future leaders.

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  • Empower the next generation

    Provide youth, coaches, and local administra ors with new ideas and resources to tackle persistent community challenges. Speak to the importance of education for achieving life success.

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  • Connect people & culture

    Use your passion to bridge cultural divides and to connect the world through the universal language of sport.

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  • Promote access & inclusion

    Spotlight the positive impact of policies like Title IX and the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure that all people have the right to play, compete, and participate in society.

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  • Champion democratic values

    Advance U.S. foreign policy, bolster democratic ideals, encourage strong civil society institutions, and human rights while serving as athlete ambassadors.

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  • Inspire dreams

    Share personal victories and setbacks to inspire the minds of youth and spark boldness to pursue big dreams.

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