Anderson Good


Served as envoy

  • 2023  –  Vatican City

Anderson Good has had a long career in the sport of squash. Squash, similar to racquetball, is a racquet sport played on a four walled indoor court and possesses many technical similarities to padel. Anderson began playing padel in 2020, and has really taken to the sport, luckily due to his squash background, he has been able to hit the ground running and play at a high level fairly quickly. Anderson began playing squash in Philadelphia, PA, USA and played on high school teams that placed 2nd nationally in 2010 and 3rd nationally in 2011. After high school, Anderson attended St. Lawrence University (NY) and was a four-year starter and 2014/15 team captain, the 2014/15 team was the national runner-up and remains the most successful team in St. Lawrence Squash history. While at St. Lawrence, Anderson amassed 44 career victories and attained an individual national ranking of 41 in all of intercollegiate squash. After graduating cum laude from St. Lawrence with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications (Honors) and Government, Anderson was hired to be the Assistant Men’s and Women’s Squash coach at George Washington University (GW) in Washington, DC. After coaching 4 All Americans during his four years as assistant coach, he was promoted to Head Men’s and Women’s Squash coach in 2019. During his time at GW and working several squash camps during the summers, Anderson gained valuable experience in leading squash clinics, practices, and other training exercises.

While coaching at GW, Anderson founded the first squash-specific collegiate athletic conference in 2017, called the Mid-Atlantic Squash Conference (MASC). He still serves as Conference Commissioner and organizes all aspects of MASC’s annual Conference Championship event. Some of MASC’s current members are the University of Virginia, Drexel University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the U.S. Naval Academy, and Georgetown University. Lastly, in 2023 Anderson began playing on the Squash Doubles Association (SDA) Pro Tour, the professional tour for squash doubles.

While at St. Lawrence, Anderson studied the intersection of politics, diplomacy, and sport in a senior thesis paper for his government major. Being able to study the incredible value that sport can have in accomplishing far greater goals is something Anderson truly cherished being able to study and stands as something he still loves to learn about to this day. Additionally, during his time playing at St. Lawrence and coaching at George Washington, his teams’ rosters averaged about 75% international representation from countries like Egypt, Colombia, Kuwait, Canada, Jamaica, Pakistan, and Ireland. These experiences with diverse teams in college squash allowed him to celebrate the value of diversity and how sport serves as a vehicle to learn and grow through interacting with people with these differing backgrounds. Lastly, in 2021, Anderson graduated from the School of Political Management at George Washington University with a Master’s degree in Legislative Affairs, where he continued to study the intersection of sports and state and federal policy making.