Dennis Martinez


Served as envoy

  • 2008  –  Nicaragua

Born in Granada, Nicaragua and nicknamed El Presidente, Dennis is the youngest of seven siblings, all of whom were also born in Nicaragua. From an early age, Dennis excelled in the sport of baseball, having one of his most impressive performances against the United States during the World Amateur Baseball World Series. Even though Nicaragua eventually lost the game, Dennis pitched a brilliant 10 inning game at just 17 years old. Dennis spent 23 years in the Majors playing for 5 different teams and was a 4 time All-Star. He also won the ERA title in 1991. Dennis finished his Major League career totaling 245 wins in both the American and National League, the most by any Latin American pitcher. Dennis still remains very active in progressing the sport of baseball amongst the youth population. In his home country, a new stadium opened in Managua in October 2017. It was named Dennis Martinez Stadium in his honor.