Felice Duffy


Served as envoy

  • 2023  –  Faroe Islands

Felice Duffy is the founder of Duffy Law, LLC, a nationwide Title IX law firm located in New Haven, CT. The firm represents students, faculty, staff, athletic teams and coaches in all Title IX-related legal and disciplinary actions related to athletics, sexual assault, and employment discrimination, as well as college code of conduct violations. She and her firm have represented clients at over 100 colleges and universities in 36 states. As an undergraduate, she filed a complaint against UCONN under the then-new Title IX statute to compel the creation of its women’s varsity soccer program and went on to be selected to the first Women’s U.S. National Soccer Team. She then served as head coach of the Yale women’s soccer team for a decade while earning her Ph.D. in Education/Sports Psychology from UCONN before attending law school. Upon graduating law school, Attorney Duffy served as law clerk for a federal judge in Connecticut, and then worked as a Litigation Associate at Sullivan and Cromwell LLP in New York. She returned to Connecticut to work in two mid-size firms before becoming an Assistant U.S. Attorney. In addition to 10 years of prosecuting cases in both the Violent Crimes and Major Crimes units, she served as the U.S. Attorney’s Office Outreach Coordinator, where she developed community engagement programs and conducted civil rights-based training for state/local law enforcement, college/university police departments.