Ileana Rodriguez

Swimming (para)

Served as envoy

  • 2023  –  Virtual

Ileana Rodriguez is a Paralympic swimmer and former member of the USA Team for the London 2012 Games.

Ileana Rodriguez is the Principal at I Design Access, LLC, and an international architectural design consultant for major infrastructure projects focusing on inclusive design. Ileana’s experience comes from working for clients such as the International Paralympic Committee, national sports organizations, and various architecture firms. Ileana has been involved as a consultant to oversee different sizes of projects from Olympic/Paralympic Stadiums and airports to smaller sports facilities, hotels, and temporary infrastructure. The projects have taken place in Europe, Asia, and The Americas.

The work Ileana does in the field of accessibility has greatly helped to create a more inclusive built environment in the world of major sporting events. The ENR Magazine recognized Ileana as one of the top 25 Newsmakers in the industry due to her contributions to the field.
Ileana has served as the Americas Paralympic Committee Athlete Representative for the past two terms since 2015. Ileana’s commitment and belief in the importance that sport plays in communities has led her to be one of the 18th members of the LA28 Athlete Commission. Ileana has a special interest in serving in her community and the importance of accessibility and architecture as she served as a Commissioner for the Houston Planning and Houston Airport Commissions.