Kellen Lovell


Served as envoy

  • 2023  –  Papua New Guinea

Kellen Lovell is an adventure photographer, videographer and surfer who grew up in Hawaii. Wanting to combine his passion for the ocean with serving his country, he joined the US Coast Guard where he served in Alaska as a small boat crewman and certified rescue swimmer.

After the 2005 Indian Ocean tsunami, Kellen spent 2 years living and volunteering at a refugee camp in Thailand. While there he also volunteered for a number of non profit organizations and NGOs. He managed teams who were instrumental in rebuilding homes for tsunami victims.

Kellen attended San Diego State University where he studied cultural anthropology and archeology. While in college he served on the board of directors at the WindanSea Surf Club, one of the largest and most respected international 501c3 non profit surfing organizations which strives to “promote the sport of surfing and the positive image of surfers as athletes and good citizens, through the sponsorship of competitive surfing events and charitable community activities”.

Kellen currently lives in Hawaii and travels the world filming content for companies like Alison’s Adventures, Discovery Channel, Mastercard, Hewlett Packard, Western Digital, Adidas, Clif Bar and Hydroflask.