Sports Envoy
Sports Envoy Program

Joanna Lohman


Served as envoy

  • 2015  –  Argentina
  • 2015  –  Thailand
  • 2016  –  Botswana
  • 2017  –  Ivory Coast
  • 2018  –  Niger
  • 2019  –  Nigeria
  • 2021  –  Portugal
  • 2022  –  Germany
  • 2022  –  Montenegro

Joanna is a former professional soccer player and member of the United States Women’s National Team. Off the field, she is author of the newly released, “Raising Tomorrow’s Champions”, an extraordinary parenting and life lessons book as told through the eyes of the greatest women’s soccer players of all-time. She is also a professional speaker, human rights activist and a Sport Diplomat traveling the world running programs in less developed nations. She strives to live an unabashedly authentic life based around deep-rooted acceptance and helps others discover a comfort in their own skin.